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Monday, February 25, 2008

Working on my game 2

In December I wrote a blog about my playing statistics and what they mean. Here is the link to it.

My numbers were 14.2 / 9.7 / 4.

Looking back at them now, I see that I was probably the biggest nit on EVERY table. I cannot even believe how tight I was playing. Anyone with any stats on me could play me so easy. Either fold to my raises or call with pocket pairs to hit trips and stack me.

Then in January, I was on a goal to work on changing my game by playing more hands and raising more hands (effectively). The post is HERE.

My January numbers were 18.2 / 12.2 / 3.6.

I was very proud of my January numbers and January was a very good month (except for the experiment when I tried to play an EXTREME LAG style that really put me in my worse downswing in a long time). I was able to get much more calls from people and people were less able to read and narrow down my range when I raised. So anytime I raised, people were less apt to know what hands I was raising with.

BUT anytime I reraised someone, my hands then came transparent. What I never realized was that I was hardly EVER 3-betting. 3-betting light (properly) was the best new thing I've learned in a long time. I guess, something good came from my extreme lag style disaster, because after that situation, I learned how not to 3-bet or how not to play on the flop after a 3-bet.

My February numbers are 19 / 14 / 4.8.

This does not seem that different from my January stats, but every percent at this point is significant. But what is most signifcant is my advancement in 3-betting. A number that I never showed before.

Pre January numbers: 3.3
January numbers: 4.1
February: 7.3

As you can see, I am 3-betting more than twice as much as I was when I started this blog. In fact, I am 3-betting now, almost as often as I was raising in the old days. Now I am a much tougher opponent, someone you don't want on your left if you are a timid player.

In the next blog I am going to write about the mistakes I made and why my 3-bets are working much better these days.

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