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Saturday, December 29, 2007

My Stats

i've been reading CTS' blog, from his very beginnings when he was still playing at 200NL. he is a very interesting read and i agree with a lot of his ideas.


Here is a snippet from one of his earliest posts:

Poker players usually describe their opponents using three numbers, VPIP/PFR/AF. Voluntarily put money in the pot (VPIP) is the percentage of hands a player plays excluding free plays from the blinds. In 6-handed no-limit hold'em, a winning strategy can include a VPIP anywhere between 20 and 30. Some players play a little tighter and some a little looser, but a VPIP of over 40 is far too loose and the mark of a poor player. Preflop raise (PFR) is the percentage of hands a player chooses to raise before the flop. Good players have PFR's somewhere between 10 and 20; a PFR of below 10 is very passive and indicates a weak passive player. Aggression factor (AF) is a measure of how often a player bets and raises as opposed to checking and calling. Good players have varying AFs, but anything below 1.5 is too passive and poor, passive players have low aggression factors. There are also maniacal players with high AFs that bet and raise at every opportunity, so a high AF does not necessarily mean a good player. My VPIP/PFR/AF statistics are about 26/16/2.2.

I looked into my poker tracker to find out what my stats are after about 26k hands. They were 14.2/9.7/4.

from the looks of it, i'm entering the pot not often enough . my raising standards are almost there, but starting to error on the side of nitty (which i don't think is such a bad thing). My aggression factor is pretty high, but i think this number was inflated by the fact that i used to almost always c-bet, however i know check on certain boards.

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