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Sunday, November 02, 2008

October Results

Boo. Played only HU sng and double or nothing sngs and made a paltry 240 (most of it from rakeback the month before).

Double or nothings are real fun, and if people get eliminated early, I do very well, but if it stays at 9 or 8 for too long, I'm not sure how to play optimally.

For the Heads up games, I really don't know why I started losing so much. I was having trouble with fish almost more than the better players. I tried to do a lot of different styles to beat the fish from keeping pots smaller preflop with min raises on the button, from inflating the pot big but continuing only if I hit a good flop. I tried raising the donk bets large, small, calling them, everything, but nothing seemed to work consistently.

For the month of november i'm going back to playing cash 6-max, but unfortunately without my HUD. Vista really screws up holdem manager. if you have vista i do not suggest you get holdem manager.

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At 6:15 AM, Blogger Azn_Cutie said...

HU is tons of variance man, but that sucks for sure.

Yeah that guy Patrick is definitely a hippie and has some alternative views on stuff, but I know some guys he knows and he seems to be a nice guy.

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