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Monday, September 01, 2008

Took a small shot again

So today I just logged on 4 tables of 200NL + 2 other smaller ones.

Out of the 5 players, 3 of them on each table had PFR of greater than 20 percent and 3bet percentages of greater than 6. There was one player on each table that had 3bet percentage greater than 10. I datamined 18 tables for about 20 minutes before I joined, so I had 20 minutes of data on everyone + any past data I had on them.

The aggression was so sick. And a hyper aggressive table is exactly what I don't want to play when I move up. I was lucky to barrel through a short stack with AK AIPF and that was what my only profit came from (ended up down on other tables and up on the 200NL, even overall).

In just 15 minutes of play I had to make 2, 4-bets (one worked, one didn't), 2 squeezes (one worked, one didn't), folded down to all 3 bets that had position on me (except for the 2 four bets I made), and called once OOP with AK. It sucked so much that the person who 3bet me when I had AK was the one tight guy on the table. Anyone else and I would have placed in a 4bet. But with the tight guy I just called, missed the flop completely and check/folded.

Since I had AK UTG, on those tables, I should have limped my AK. Even getting raised by the tight guy his range is much looser raising my limp and I don't mind reraising him in that situation and then getting it all in. Also, since the tables are so agr, someone would have reraised me.

The tables were so aggro that I stopped and played some HU sngs. I went 2-1. I took a tiny shot today b/c I read azn cuties blog and he's already doing 5/10 live and doing well. I felt like I should move up, but the play at 1/2 is just really good and scary for someone who has moving up nit syndrome.

(the 50NL table, for what it's worth, had equally good/agr players) I had 3 of a kind tens with a good kicker vs someone who had a FH on the turn. 3 of a kind was the nuts vs a player as agr as I was playing. We had a ton of history too, he was the guy I 4-bet successfully and squeezed unsuccessfully and 3 bet successfuly 2 times.

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At 3:59 PM, Blogger Azn_Cutie said...

lol. You should read this article, it really helped with my moving up nit syndrome. My personality is naturally that I'm very risk-averse and I don't really like the idea of moving up and giving money away when I know I can crush lower games, but reading this really focused my mentality on not being so scared and just being willing to take a shot.


There is also an extensive thread with Sklansky and Negreanu arguing with each other in 2+2 about this very article.

At 6:37 PM, Blogger joe said...

interesting article. i'm a larry though still :P i have no one to borrow off of if i go broke.

At 3:07 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

I'd lend you a buck-fifty Joe.


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