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Friday, August 01, 2008

July Earnings

Not much to say. I think I made about 825 including rakeback after around 30 hours of play working out to around 27 dollars/hour.

I've had my ups and downs a lot this year, and this is the year that I've experimented the most. I've flipped flop from TAG to LAG, tried out light 3betting for the first time and a bunch of other things. Just last month and the beginning of this month I was feeling the lowest I've ever felt in terms of my poker playing ability. Nothing seemed to be working. And yet again I've flipped to feeling confident.

From my last post I wrote that TAG can be best, but to be honest, it's not the TAG that I was playing. I was playing 15/10 for awhile after I wrote that post and when I looked at the top winners at my stakes, their tag numbers were more like 18/14.

After watching a DC's vid by Gnomeontilt (the winningest player at 200NL month after month) I redeveloped my play and I'm feeling good. I am not as laggy as him (30/25) but I am at a number that I'm comfortable playing (21/18 ish?).

I'm planning on moving to Vietnam and teaching some English there and playing poker part time. I think when I make poker a side activity I do my best and I'm not so fixated on wins/loss and just focus on play (it's a lot more fun too).

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