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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

June Results

My months just get worse and worse. With less than a week left I was down to almost 0 profits (including the entire months rakeback). I don't know what was going on. I even dropped and played a lot of 50NL.

My 50NL bb/100 was much worse than at 100NL. Then in the final couple of days I pulled through and got some wins in playing at full stack (thank you Saturday/Sunday).

The games are tough and I find that Sat/Sun are two days I do well b/c it ALMOST feels like how the games were 6 months ago.

Only 6 months ago you could find 10 tables with over 30VPIP now you find 4 at most. Most players have 20/15 stats and you can't wring any money off them. They also still play like donks, but aggressive donks (thanks cardrunners and all the instructional sites). They misapply ideas but playing aggressively is much harder to play against then passively.

I'm still going to employ the 50BB mid stack strat when the games are very tough but do full buy ins when no aggressive solid regs have position on me. Full tilt is getting tough. I enjoy the software and game selection too much to think of a change (plus rakeback). But I have considered going to stars.

total money won this month: $607
total hours played: 41
dollars per hour: $14

Not very good this month. At least I worked at my father's 2 days a week this month. I suppose I should be happy I made something and wasn't in the negative and that it was a comeback. TBH I am happy b/c comebacks always feel better than winning outright.

I really learned a lot about poker this month. Really changed my play and I think I will be better in most cases. I will write about those hard lessons in my next few posts.

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At 12:28 AM, Anonymous Kevin said...

at least we pwned some noobs at warcraft.


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