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Monday, June 02, 2008

My nemesis Part One

At 100NL there's this one multitabler that just owns my soul. Every time I 3 bet him and have something good he insta folds and every time I don't he 4 bets me. 9/9 times this has happened. And when I actually do get it in with him, he has the goods.

He just has my number so often that I have decided to not play on any tables with him.

Yesterday, I entered a freeroll tournament for invited grinders and obviously he was there too. There were 500 people and the top 3 people get the 10K buy in while everyone else got nothing. Throughout the tournment I was sometimes in the top 20 and sometimes a little above average. It irked me to see that his name was almost always near the top.

To make a long story short. He ended winning the entire thing and I got 13th. I'll get you NEMESIS. You just wait and see.

I pegged 3 guys on my table as people i would possibly repop with b/c my stack was at a good resteal size.

A good situation came up when one of the 3 guys raised in late position and I had a suited ace in the blinds, but he had AA. gg me. but i feel good cuz he didn't make top 3.

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