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Thursday, May 29, 2008


FTP has a fantasy poker thing going where you choose players who you think will do the best in each WSOP tournament. You have 15 choices in 3 groups: A, B, C.

People in your A group get their points multiplied by 3. People in group B by 2 and C by 1.

I had a core group of players that I "let it ride" for all the tournaments b/c I didn't want to pick a team for each of the events b/c there were just too many.


Phil Ivey - obv choice. natural at every game, so i can feel safe leaving him there for everything.
Bill Edler - makes it deep everywhere.
Pearl Jammer - very solid TAG internet player.
Allen Cunningham - like ivey, a natural at every game (when i say this, i mean cash too and other types of gambling games).
Danny Wong - many people would be surprised at this pick, but hopefully he's the guy that will set me apart from all the other people who choose the same as me.


Daniel Negreanu - solid player at every type of tournament play (limit/no limit/omaha)
Erick Lindgren - solid player
Kirk Morrison - creative player who is very consistent in making it deep
Scott Clement - gotta pick an internet player. but this one has good live results
David Pham - very aggressive tournament player


Daniel Alaei - talented cash player but i don't know why but i'm a big fan of his
Nam Le - strong, aggressive player
Gus Hansen - loose, small ball player
Erik Seidel - Cardplayer of the year number 1 right now. old school tricky player
Dan Harrington - Very solid player. Author of many books.

Once in awhile when I wasn't lazy I tailored my list for other games. For example in a mixed game one I threw in old school players like Barry G and Doyle Brunson b/c they have more experience in other games of poker. For limit hold'em I threw in Joe Cassidy and Howard Lederer b/c they are very solid at that game. For omaha I put David Benyamine and for 6 max no limit I threw in some cash game internet players like omg clay aiken and aggressive God, Patrik Antonius.

This Sunday I'm in a freeroll where top 3 get entry into the Main Event. Should have about 200 people, so I have a 1.5 percent to get 10k. Woohoo! This is would normally be about 150 dollars entry if we had all chiped in, so this is a very good freeroll.

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