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Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Results

Since I had been making very good BB/Hour, I said to myself this month that I would simply play more hours and obviously make more money.

Forcing hours onto myself, I wasn't leaving bad tables, and joining when there were no good ones just to get in the hours. The good regs ran me over and the extra hours put extra stress on me and I tilted much easier. I even berated a few fish that sucked out on me which I never did and they promptly left the tables, leaving the good regs.

I took some time off. Watched poker vids to get my game back on focus and remotivated. I kept up the added hours, but when the tables were hard I played fewer (at some points I only played 3 tables). After awhile playing only 3 or 4 tables, I thought to myself, why don't I throw in some 50NL? It's one limit lower and it's better than playing nothing. Turns out it was a great idea. This solved my problem of not finding enough good tables. Between 50 and 100NL there are always at least 8 good tables.

I was now 7 and sometimes 8 tabling and broke into the black. I climbed up pretty well and learned a few knew things (1. 3betting in the blinds vs the button stealer can be done with smaller sizes since my stack is smaller. Do not over do the squeeze, especially at my stack size). Overall, I did not do as well as I had hoped for the month, but I have good expectations for next month.

Whenever I do my monthly total, I include last month's rakeback. So for this month's results, I've included February's rake back (since rakeback pays the following month). Looking at my rake back with my extra hours and 8 tabling, it seems that I will have almost double the rakeback next month (because of my play this month. See how it works? The following month my rakeback should be bigger as I will be playing 8 tables from the start of the month).

Total dollars earned: $1390 (includes -$50 in 12 dollar turbo SNGs)

Total Hours (not including the SNGs): 54.25 (much higher than last month. I was aiming for 60 hours but I had to take a long break when I was down a bunch).

Dollars/Hour: 25.67


(200 NL) -6.65 (660 hands, I took a small shot at the beggining of the month)

(100 NL) 4.67 (20,798 hands)

(50 NL) 15.00 (4253 hands)

Next month I will not be taking a shot at 200 NL again. I'm going to continue to 8 table and see how it goes at both 100 and 50 NL. I already know my rake ($422) but I should make more the following month.

I only wish I made as much as that "Life of a grinder" guy I have linked in my poker links on the right.

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