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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Grinding more hours

Since my hourly rate was so good the past two months, I decided to rack up the hours to try to make some major dough.

It's not working. I was doing very well, at 10-20BB/Hour and then when I pushed myself too hard, I began to fatigue.

I don't think I play that much worse when I fatigue, but I tilt waaaaay easier. This is why I don't play long hours. I found myself snapping at fish/coolers/bad beats. I hardly ever do that, but I did it on so many occassions the past 3 days. When I play the longer hours I let my emotions get to me easier.

In at least 2 different occassions, after I made some snide comment, the fish left the table.

I also found that I hung around tables who had tough aggressive players. I wanted to prove something and win their money. When before when I played less hours, I would have just quickly left those tables.

For some reason, I took today to try out a few new ideas including min betting the button, which I have heard is the new buzz thing to do. Now I think it does work sometimes, but I found out the hard way that it prices in way too many sb's who love to see flops.

I think I will add it into my arsenal only when both the sb and bb don't like to see flops and in that situation, I'll throw in a few more button steals than I normally wouldn't.

I haven't felt this steamed in such a long time. I spewed away pretty much all my winnings this month which was about 350.

I will not be moving up to 200NL after this spew session.

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