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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Results

After starting this month off, like last month, in the negative, I was really bummed out and didn't even feel like playing poker at all. I played a lot of low stakes SNGs (HU and 9 handed) to relax and not concentrate too much on cash tables.

I feel like although I am not very good at HU, after playing so many games my hand reading has become much much better. If you ever need to practice texture and hand reading, you definitely should play heads up because you have nothing to rely on but pyschology and trying to figure out what the other person has (much tougher since everyone plays most of their hands).

In the 9 player SNGs I did quite well too. It was very refreshing getting respect from my bets coming from a cash background. I couldn't believe the bet sizes that would get people to fold if you were the PFR and there was an ace or something scary on board.

This month I made $123 from 6 dollar heads up and primarily 11 dollar SNGs. So as you can see, it is not very profitable (actually I was in even for HU).

As for my cash game, I made 4/5ths of my money in the second half of the month.

Total Hours played: 29
Total dollars made including 160 in rakeback: 1620
Dollars/Hour: $56
BB/100 hands: 9.68

As for dollars per hour it does not match last month, but last month I had another 200 dollar bonus from FTP. As the month was ending I was and am determined to log more hours into poker to try to make more money. I even lightly treaded at 1/2 tables yesterday and today.
I am going to try to have 60 hours logged next month.

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At 8:30 PM, Blogger Azn_Cutie said...

Nice month! If you are making so much per hour, why in the world aren't you playing more? You could easily make $100k playing full time with ~$55/hr winrate

At 8:42 PM, Blogger joe said...

you know, i've tried. but when i log more hours my win rate drops a lot. i'm not sure which factor or combination of factors it is.

1. fatigue
2. i play mid stack, so when i dbl up i leave the table. if i leave enough tables, then there aren't many "fishy" tables left the longer i play.
3. the hunger - playing less makes me concentrate better and have more fun, instead of the deadly grind.

despite all this, i will be playing more next month. i'm going to try to at least double my hours.

i got a new program i'll write about in the next post.


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