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Friday, March 14, 2008

Push or Call with QQ preflop after a 3-bet?

Forum post by a DC member and my response that followed. The forum was split between people telling him to push and people telling him to flat call. I decided that a flat call would be best vs nits and a min-raise would be best vs looser players. Someone in between, I guess, just push, can't be too big deal.

I came across this hand, not really special but I find it hard to play QQ when I get 3betted.

Grabbed by Holdem Manager
NL Holdem $0.25(BB) Full Tilt Game#5615874870

SB ($42.15)
BB ($33.80)
UTG ($40.20)
Hero ($26.10)
CO ($25)
BTN ($64.95)

Dealt to Hero QQ

call, Hero raises to $1.20, CO raises to $4.20, fold, fold, fold, fold, call,

FLOP ($9) 75T

check, CO bets $6.20, Hero raises to $21.90, CO calls $14.60,

TURN ($50.60) 75T7

RIVER ($50.60) 75T7A

Hero shows QQ
(Flop 8.4%, Turn 4.5%)

CO shows AA
(Flop 91.6%, Turn 95.5%)

CO wins $48.10

I wanted to 4bet preflop, but decided to call last minute. I don´t know exactly why i played this way against an unknown. Probably his 3bet range is TT> and AK. And I only beat Jacks and AK.

So my questions are:

-Do I need to 4bet this against some opponents? But if I do this don´t I commit myself with QQ? How to play?
-What line do I take with QQ when 3betted? Play it for set-value?



Here is my response:

i just ran some numbers in pokerstove.

if player = nit (3bets with only JJ+, AKo,AKs)

your equity is at 47.3 percent if you go all the way to the river. that's not bad. if you factor in the overlay and if small chance that nit folds AKo, then it could be laying you even odds if you just reraise all in. not bad.

i really don't know if i can explain it, but i think it might be even better to just flat call and put it all in (ck-raise) for a non ace/king (vs nit). you're doomed if he has AA, or KK anyway, so it's just realizing which way is better (all in or flat call) when he has JJ or AKs or AKo. if you reraise all in, nit might fold JJ? one of the hands you really dominant and tons of lost value if he does. also, AK misses the flop 2/3 flops and so you're not letting AK see all 3 streets, which is what they love/want to do (and they get to see it all if you push all in). You're not forcing the race, you're only pushing when you're most likely ahead. Jacks probably check back on an A or K flop, so if he bets the A or K flop, you can fold securely. if nit steals with the JJ, oh well.
against a looser raiser maybe you can min raise to induce him to shove? it might entice him to call which is fine too since, you've committed almost 1/3 your stack preflop and it's easy postflop to play.

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At 4:14 PM, Blogger Kevin said...

I agree with your hand review. I just let myself go broke with AK, QQ+ for one buy-in. Remember that eventually you'll get AA and someone will have QQ and go broke to you!

Also Joe, turn your observer chat on on full tilt!



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