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Sunday, March 30, 2008


In my hours playing HU SnGs NL holdem, I sometimes accidently picked Omaha. After mistakingly picking it, I quickly looked up the rules to the game while playing in my first game and I won. The few times after I picked it by mistake I also won and then I decided to try it out once in awhile when I was getting sick of NL.

The rules are exactly the same except that you get 4 cards instead of two, 8 times the card combinations and therefore tons more drawing power. The value of made hands goes down while the power of drawing hands goes up. It really is a game about powerful hands and I'm not sure that everyone gets that.

I decided to look into it and ordered a PLO book that everyone on 2+2 is raving about so I am very excited about reading it even though it's a full ring book. However, I think that the money making potential of PLO is very big.

I always remember thinking, I wish I had played NL online back when no one knew what they were doing and the games were soft. Well, now I don't have to think that. Here is my chance with PLO. Now is when the games are soft and people really don't understand the game.

I took a quick look at the 6 max games on FTP and noticed the average VPIP for NL was around 28 percent and then looked at the PLO average VPIP and they were 60 percent! I have no idea what the optimal numbers should be but 60 sounds ridiculously high. Hopefully after reading the book I can get the fundamentals down and then make adjustments for 6 max games. Or I could just play the FR games as long as they are abundant.

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