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Monday, March 31, 2008

March Totals

So March was the final month I had to work at my brother's resturant and it was the month I made the least amount of money, yet my highest hourly rate.

Total: $2103
Hours: 26.75
Dollars/Hour: $79/Hour

This includes rakeback of 240 (naturally) and another 200 (from Fulltilt's apology bonus for all the disconnects from earlier, worked it off in 2 weeks).

Dollars/Hour w/o Rakeback: $62/hour

Obviously this rate is not sustainable at all and it was due to the small sample size, but I also do believe it had a lot to do with my 60BB experiment that I will continue to use that allowed me to play 2 more tables than usual and still maintain a good BB/Hour rate.

After over 20K hands and the bad downswing of last month, from the start of when I started the experiment (mid February) I have had a 7BB/hour income. Considering that was what I was making with 4 tables (or maybe less) adding two more tables and maintaining or increasing my BB/Hour is huge (plus the increased rakeback).

The one thing I did not include is my Heads Up NL play. I did a ton of 6 dollar HUs and some 11 dollar ones. I have not added this to my profits or the hours I played even though I probably played many many hours of HU. I am up about 70 dollars in heads up, with nearly all the profits in the last 10 percent of my games played. I think it will be a great relaxing side game when I need to cool down.

If I were to guess I've probably played about 10 hours of HU which makes my hourly about 7 dollars/Hour which sounds about right. I probably have a net total of one extra win over an hour period.

UPDATE: an hour after i wrote this i lost 145 in cash and 12 in HU so that should change things a little for the month.

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