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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Heads Up

Since I've been watching a ton of heads up videos from Deuces Cracked I decided to give it a try awhile ago. I found that my edge was okay, but the rake was eating me up at the low stakes I was playing at so then I just stopped playing.

A week ago my brother came home and he has been doing nothing but Sit N Go heads up and said I should give it a try. With the buy in charge, rake is capped in a way so I started playing some 5 dollar Sit N Gos. I found that I was doing pretty well, but the amount of time I put in each game was simply NOT worth it. I tried to do two tables, but being new at it, plus HU you need to be very READ and player dependant, I couldn't keep up well.

Then I switched to SNG turbos. Although the blinds go up fast enough that if you're in the later stages, it's just coin flipping, I feel that my edge is good enough that these quick games can get me a good profit over time. I feel that even in the flipping part of the late game, I'm choosing better spots to flip and eating away at the timid players who refuse to stick it all in with anything less than pairs, ace or king.

After some time, I've now switched to 11 dollar turbo SNGs and thats what i'm doing when I want to take a break from the 6 max grind. It's a great way to freshen things up. If there aren't any good 6 max tables or if I've been losing a bit, I'll jsut quit and open up the SNG heads up. Feels like I'm starting fresh when I play either types of game.

I believe I'm barely making a profit right now, but hopefully I can improve my heads up game.

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At 7:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joe. I like your videos. I am random_99 on Deuces. What is your huge news?

I think that a big poker company should sign you up to do some adverts for them. No seriously!

At 11:16 AM, Blogger joe said...

hey random. glad you enjoy the videos :)

i think i will be able to announce the news in 1 week. it's taking longer than i thought.


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