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Thursday, February 28, 2008

last 3 days

I've always felt that over the long haul I've run slightly unlucky. And I know this is something that most poker players think and they don't realize how often they run into sets, or that KK vs AK loses quite often.

I KNOW the numbers and I know that a 80/20 favourite still loses more than it feels like it should, but now the program I use called hold'em manager calculates EV for any time you are all in. It is sort of like a luck graph. Are you winning the percentage of time you're supposed to? and then maps out the theoretical amount of money you should be at.

I've only had the program for 3 days, so the numbers aren't accurate, but it reaffirms to me that I know when I run bad and I felt like the past 3 days I was extremely unlucky. I should be slightly positive over the 3 days yet I'm down hundreds.

The worst part about running bad is that it does affect your play, but I think this program gave me the reassurance, don't worry joe, you don't suck balls, you've just been unlucky and I've maintained my cool better than usual, but nevertheless, unluckiness always does impact your play.

UPDATE: this doesn't even show the times in the past three days when i've bet nearly pot on the turn to charge flush draws with like 8 dollars left on the river in a 100 dollar pot and ppl hitting the flush (happened once). it only counts if you were all in before the river, not on the river.

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