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Friday, February 22, 2008

Forum Strategy

I've been posting a lot in the SSNL forum in Deuces Cracked and thought I'd like to post my responses here. A lot of the time I'm answering other people's questions and I feel that I'm helping myself a lot by thinking of my decisions.

His Question:

Please help me out here. I want to push with my JJ here. Villain is 34/20. He goes to SD 33%. I take it pushing is worse here against an unknown?

No-Limit Hold'em, $2 BB (8 handed)

MP2 ($182.25)
CO ($198.40)
Hero ($230.15)
SB ($141.40)
BB ($257.55)
UTG ($202)
UTG+1 ($232.15)
MP1 ($370)

Preflop: Hero is Button with J, J.
4 folds, CO raises to $6, Hero raises to $22, 2 folds, CO raises to $40, Hero...

Can I push here with JJ given his stats? What about against an unknown? With what hands, if any, can I push with here?

Many thanks for your help.

My Answer:

maybe i'm playing this wrong, but from looking at his stats i have no respect for his raises in the CO,

YET his 4bet min raise is very alarming, so that compensates and makes his raise back to worthy again but not as worthy as someone who had tight stats and raised in the CO in the first place. i'd trust a PFR of 8 percent PRF in the CO over someone who 4bets min bets in having a tighter range.

if that was your FIRST time 3-betting him i'd consider folding, but if you've 3 betted him in the past i'm calling him and reraising him 3.5 times (or all in, the pot is 80 already) his cbet if no ace or king falls and probably folding to any ace or king. i'm even reraising if a queen falls. i think he could have mid pairs to JJ and AK here and sometimes suited connectors lower than jacks.

i'd just give him a lot more respect if i had never 3betted him and he 4bet me (no matter what his 4bet size). but if he and i both know that i've done the 3 bet before, that i'm capable of the 3 bet then his POSITION (steal territory), HUD STATS (loose raiser), VALUE OF MY CARDS (JJ), my POSITION (button) and 4 BET SIZE (min raise) is too good not to call and see a flop.

other situations:

against an unknown i'm folding. deeper stacks i'm calling the min raise for set value.

i would really like to hear what a DC coach has to say on this hand. it'd probably be a very easy answer for them b/c usually PF play is pretty standardized.

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