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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Deuces Cracked Home Game

I played in the Deuces Cracked members home game and even though I made a recording of it, I don't think I'll make a video.

There just isn't that many interesting spots in the 1.5 hour video to warrant me talking through the entire video.

However, the game was very fun and interesting. All the other members in the game were either tight aggressive or loose aggressive and I mean really aggressive. I think there was only 1 or 2 walks in the entire session. Limps were few and far between and every third raise was 3-betted. One guy squeezed every time it came to him if it was a squeeze situation.

The instant the game started pr1nnyraid said, "I have 5k on Joe." Then he told me not to choke as a joke and that scared me to shitz. I knew that my style of play would on average definitely net me a win, but since I had such low variance there would be no way I'd be the one who won the most. I play very TAG and very low variance. 4/5ths into it I was up only 20BBs while the leader was up close to 300BBs.

Then I was raised in the SB (by someone else) and felt like he was stealing so I 3-bet him. He then 4-bet me slightly larger than a min raise and I pushed with 7s feeling that he was 4-betting me light. He folded and that pushed me up higher and then a great situation came up the following orbit and I doubled through a guy with only a few minutes left in the game.

I believe that pushed me into 2nd place. If it's true and I got 2nd, I'll have the chance to play vs pr1nnyraid and 3 other DC members.

After that pr1nnyraid joined the (50NL) game and started going all in nearly every hand. I called him with Q9 suited (this was his first hand and he said he would be going all in no matter what). Unfortunately for me the sb called too (he had 50 dollars I had like 150). But to my surprise both guys had garbage hands and I ended up hitting a full house. A few other well timed all in calls vs Krantz eventually got me close to 400 dollars. One funny all in had me and Krantz both with AQ and a third guy (deeper stacked than Krantz) with 77. The ace hit on the flop and we split his money.The last hand I went all in with him I had Ah9h and he had 6h8h but he won that one, otherwise I would have won every all in that I was ahead in against him.

I really feel that playing all these tough guys improved my game. I was really happy it was at a lower stakes table than I was used to, so I wasn't playing scared (until Krantz told me he had 5k riding on me). When the big hands came up my heart was racing b/c I felt that 5k was riding on it. Later on Krantz told me he didn't have any money riding on me and he was joking!

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