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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Video Soon

I'll be in another video soon, but it's not the video you think it'll be.

Having since joined deucescracked.com, I have been participating in their forum occasionally and I luckily chanced upon a thread where they said that the first six people to respond would get a chance to play in a 50NL "homegame" style NL game against each other (members) and then one of their members will do a running commentary about how well people played.

Also, the top 2 winners from this will get to play in a home game against the deucescracked.com coaches. So a chance to play against krantz and maybe whitelime.

This will be a great opportunity to get some real feedback on my play as I have been feeling unsure of how good my play is.

I will ask first if they don't mind, but I will probably post a youtube video of my own, with my own commentary and thought process for why I made the plays I did.

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