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Saturday, January 19, 2008

It was only a matter of time

Despite saying I wouldn't try to emulate pr1nnyraid, I went ahead and tried. I knew I wouldn't know how to pull of his style properly. Maybe it was too small a sample size of hands, but out of this month, it was the biggest 1 hour session of the month. I lost about 350 dollars at 100NL. Previously I had lost 220 and that was over 2 hours.

There was one hand, I played very aggressive with AK. UTG raised it to 4BB and I raised it to 12BB. The SB who had 9% preflop raising went all in for 100BB. I probably would have folded to a 36BB bet, but the 100BB made me really think. A little birdie in my head remembered Krantz saying AK is like the nuts these days. I called and was stacked by AA. I should have saw that it was a 4-bet that

1. Wasn't a squeeze play
2. Saw an UTG bet and 3-bet
3. Was in the SB
4. Was made by a guy who I had over 300 hands on and PFR was 9

I had 12 in the pot and his range was QQ, KK, AA, AK. Putting that into poker stove it was 2:1 and I was not getting the odds to call.

Another aggressive play I wouldn't have done was 3-bet with AQ and got two calls. I hit the queen and felt that the stack to pot ratio was high enough to go broke with and thats what happened because he had trips. (Is this bad results oriented analysis?)

I believe a few things that are making the style not work for me is that I'm not taking into account the VPIP of the table. I'm reraising and not being able to isolate. Much of the time, I'm faced with a scary board with 2 callers and I have to give up on the pot thereby making me look like a weak passive player thereby giving people more incentive to call me in position again, or to float me in the future.

I was able to break even and even make 13 dollars for the day which felt very good. But I think I'm going to put the LAG style on the shelf for a bit until I get better at being a decent TAG.

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