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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Full Tilt Poker

I'm doing well, so I decided to split some of my winnings and put it into another site. Unlike Party Poker I'll be getting rakeback with this site. I decided this would be a good idea because at certain times at night, there aren't any good tables at Party, but at FTP there still are since the players are mostly in my time zone.

Similar to the Party Poker, I modded the look of it. Since I'm so used to the party screen I decided to mod my FTP to look like my Party Poker so the screens look good matched up beside one another.

1. Killed the avatar
2. Put the names of people in a simple black box
3. The active player has a yellow box around them
4. Dealer button is the same from party
5. The table is the same as from party I use minus the rake coaster
6. Changed the color of the cards to be a light red simliar to party

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