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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deuces Cracked

I ponied up for a cardrunner's instructional video website alternative called Deucescracked (just opened this January). I have watched 4 videos so far and am VERY impressed. The quality of the videos is excellent and the people involved are people worth learning from.

Krantz is known online as pr1nnyraid online and is 2007's biggest online NL winner at over 2 million. His style is aggressive, constantly putting pressure on people like I've never seen before, pushing them to breaking point and then switching gears to stack them. I do not think I can emulate him as I do not have his post flop skills and know-how of how people react pre/post flop to this image, but it's not to say I'm not learning a ton as I will be playing people using his style and there are parts of his play that I want to incorporate into mine. It also helps that he is an extremely funny guy and entertaining to listen to.

Whitelime is Krantz housemate and also high stakes online player. He rounded out the top 20 NL online winners of 2007 (he's no push over). His style is what I will want to emulate. I believe he has a lower variance style than Krantz and his style focuses on the other player, inducing bluffs on players prone to bluff, c-betting certain player types and not others. It's so interesting to hear him dissect player archtypes (what to do vs weak or strong players) and how to play vs them.

I signed up for 6 months at around 25 dollars a month (no sign up fee, unlike cardrunners). I am sure they are going to continue to produce quality videos for at least 6 months, because all of the members seem VERY hyped and involved in the project and Krantz himself said, he will not hold any information back whatsoever.

The videos are DRM free and also in IPOD format, so you can bring them anywhere. Perfect for viewing on long boring bus/subway rides.

The biggest thing I've found is that I have not been 3-betting light whatsoever. They are 3-betting light all the time, in all sorts of positions and situations. If I even add the 3-bet only in the cream of those situations, I could be stealing so much more extra money b/c of my tight image and at the time loosening up that tight image to help my legitimate raises not look so scary when I do have a big hand. Krantz was raking in so much 3-bet money and he looks like a maniac at times. If my tight ass started 3-betting, I'd get everyone to fold all sorts of hands.

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