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Friday, January 25, 2008


I feel like a hungover alcoholic. Half alive I've grinded out two days of poker where I've played extremely conservative just so I was more sure there would be no variance and I could eek out a win.

Two days have passed and I've had two small winning sessions. This is enough for me though. I'm just happy I got back to back wins. Tomorrow is going to be a big day of fishes b/c not only is it the weekend, but Party Poker has an AA promotion going on that you get 15 dollars back if you lose with AA.

The one really unsatisfying thing about playing really tight was that all my raises were folded around b/c I had so much respect. I was really angry b/c I wasn't absurdly tight and I was playing on REALLY loose tables, but out of the 14 times I had AA, I only got action 2 times and one was with a short stack.

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