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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

4 Tables

I've decided that for now I cannot handle 6 tables. It's not that I can't think fast enough, but there's just not enough time to prevent timing tells. I truly believe that my timing on certain plays gives me some value. Taking two to three extra seconds before checking sometimes instills doubt in weaker players mind checking down the river and giving me a showdown (just one example of using timing).

I've switched to 4 tables, but the bigger move is playing with a max buy in instead of half. If you look at my past hand histories I've always come in with half the buy in to make my life and decision making easier. Most of the time, top pair commits me and I push it hard on ppl very easily punishing people who draw. But now I feel that the real money is stacking people who are deep and don't know how to play it.

The game is much harder, but I want to put the hours in to learn.

My most annoying hand of the day was when this guy who lucked out on me already went all in UTG with his full stack and I sat in the SB holding aces. He had QQ and hit his trips. I was so furious. But I usually stay for 2 orbits b/c people respect you after they see you had aces so you can still a lot preflop and flop. But after that it's not worth it, b/c I play a tight game and they continue to respect me too much. Plus I usually switch tables to prevent tilt. Luckily within that two orbit I witness him lose his entire stack.

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