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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Episode

Four grueling day, but I've completed my first short film.

Day 1: Getting the software, reading the instruction booklet and organizing my scattered ideas.
Day 2: Filming with my photo taking camera and at night finding out that I could use my father's old camcorder.
Day 3: Filming with the camcorder and putting together a rough draft that I sent to 3 friends for advice.
Day 4: Using their advice (lower the length of the scenes, equalize the volume, adding a mom scene, slow mo and more thrusting in the dance scene, and have more quick cuts to liven the pace).
Day 5: Finalizing the video, posting it on youTube, Veoh and Metacafe and advertising on two poker sites.

Out of the two poker sites, one was Daniel Negreanu's forum and the other was a Poker Publishing Group's forum (2+2), because my video looks pretty ghetto at the beginning, I knew the first testimonial would be important in getting others to actually give my video an honest chance.

At Daniel's site, the first poster wrote a nice comment, which then encouraged others to give it a shot and has led to dozens of positive comments and over a thousands views so far. The other site, the first comment was "meh" and then no one gave it a chance.

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