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Friday, February 23, 2007

Episode Two

I'm finally home from California and started filming/editing episode two.

I learned a lot from making episode one, which has saved me a lot of time recording/editing this episode, however I started tinkering with effects, slowing me down once again.

I know using too many effects, especially at my amateurish level, will cheapen the look of the video so I tried not to overdo it. My video already looks cheap enough without me doing anything extra!

The fascination with the effects has got me looking into adobe after effects, an adobe program specific to effects.

As for this episode I have filmed the intro, which makes up the bulk of the episode, and I might add that I really enjoy watching it. It has some old school Jane Fonda work out action.

I plan on finishing this episode by Tuesday and come out with a new episode every three weeks.

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